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The Lady of the house speaking
"Do I sound like a Chinese takeaway?"
I am quite stupid sometimes 
Monday, 24th of March, 2008 4:17 am

I have been wondering why I have been sleeping so oddly last days... it probably might help with my energy levels if I ate something in addition of two bowls of natural yoghurt with some honeydew melon bits in it/ day. Altogether they make whopping 800 kcal for a person whose average energy usage is about 2200 kcal/ day.
Can we say undernourishment?

I just can't seem to remember such mundane things. Eating, what's the idea with it anyway?

Still, I have spent some time to familiarize myself with few scripts and I have just started to re-do Periphaeria Designs' site (it's there, you just can't see it *evil grin*). When it is done it will be quite professional looking - and when it is done I can pat my back quite some time, maybe I have to even reward myself then with something... like new stash.

Tuesday, 25th of March, 2008 5:56 pm (UTC) - scripts
One Who Must Not Be Named
Hey, good for you re-doing the site - that's no small feat! Can't wait to see it. :)

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